Sunday, May 1, 2011

How To Make a Cute Flower

Hi Everyone,
I thought i would share some photos of how to make the really cute flower i shared with you the other day!
I was making a box to put my mum's mothers day gift in and thought the flower would make a really great embelishment!!!

I have used Mothers Bouquet to cute the flower layers:

I am LOVING this cartridge! So great for making 3D flowers! I Purchased my Cartridge From Belinda on Ebay Click HERE to visit her store, she has AMAZING Price for in Australia on all Cricut Items, if she doesnt have it listed send her a message!

1. Cut 6 of the same flower at varying sizes, i start with 2.5in and went down in size to 1.6in
2. Using Versa Mark Watermark Stamp pad ink around the edges of the flowers, it gives a great contrasting colour!
3. Using A large Ball embossing tool (Or i have been using my Basic Grey Rubon Tool that has a ball point on one end!!!!) Shape the flower petals.

4.To give the flowers more shape i pinch the middle of each petal
5. You then start layering the flowers gluing as you go, when you get to the last 2 you will need to squeeze them more together.
6. You then get your finished flower

These look great on Cards that you can hand deliver, i think they would be too bulky for the mail or scrapbooking layouts!!

I have used this one on a box i made for my Mums Mothers day gift

Hope you have enjoyed this post! Comments welcomed :)


~Laurie said...

Such a cute gift box! Great tutorial!

'Chelle said...

that is really awesome! Thanks for the tutorial! Does it work with ANY flowers? I've got flowers on a few of the carts I've got...I'd love to try it... :)

Stacy Needer said...

lovely flower! Might make a few just cause I can!

Alishia said...

HI Chelle, It should work jsut follow the same steps with the flower off the cartridges you have!!

Anita said...

I realy like the flowers what a great idea. need to try this. thanks

Amanda said...

Beautiful!!! I have just added your link to my handmade flowers page on my blog...If you have anymore that you would like to add or know of any stunning flowers please let mew know


Janet's Planet said...

I love your flowers!! I'm going to scraplift them. :)

Debbie said...

love these flowers I am aMew Follower now and loving your blog Hugs Debbie DD's Crafts

Debeez Designs said...

Wow! love these flowers thanks for sharing. I love the box too and know just the little box I can experiment with and make a completed project.